Dr Jeremy David - retired marine biologist

Jeremy's education

Jeremy's experience

After retiring as a professional biologist in 2004, Jeremy began a new career as a freelance editor. Since then, he has edited physical sciences and life sciences texts from Grade 7 to Grade 12 (matric) for all the major school textbook publishers in Cape Town, such as Maskew Miller, Longman, Pearson, Via Afrika and Oxford University Press. He has worked for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, editing lengthy fisheries science texts and has edited Environmental Impact Assessment reports (EIAs) for the CSIR and for Environmental Resource Management (ERM), as well as MSc and PhD theses for students at UCT and other universities.

His portfolio is available on request

What Jeremy does

Jeremy mostly edits non-fiction such as academic papers, official reports, school textbooks and student theses, but is also happy to edit material such as memoirs and biographies. Using the tracking tool in MS Word, he will check the text provided for general clarity of expression, paying particular attention to syntax, spelling, punctuation, inconsistencies and repetition.

In any non-fiction work he checks facts where possible, and either supplies corrections or points out to the author aspects requiring attention. He will always try to improve the quality of the writing so that it flows better and is easier to understand. This is important especially in the case of student theses, where one should make the examiner’s job as easy as possible by supplying a well-written manuscript with the research clearly explained. Bibliographies and reference lists are checked, and corrected where possible.

Proofreading must also be done. This is a separate and vital activity; it is a labour-intensive detailed search for errors in the typeset manuscript. Any mistakes picked up are referred to the author or the copy editor. 


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3 September 1938--30 November 2019